tuna rigatoni with sun dried tomatoes: recipe here


tuna rigatoni with sun dried tomatoes: recipe here

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food journal

So yesterday I said I would write down all the food I ate. To be honest I’m a little ashamed of myself because I started the day off really bad. I slept over at my bf house and we didn’t have anything in the fridge so i didn’t have much of a choice for breakfast and lunch (since my uni is in the middle of nowhere and unless I bring my own food I don’t have any other healthy option-just whats in our uni little shop.

Breakfast:(5:30-10:45) sandwich (one slice of the whole wheat bun  with a salad, the other with jam), green tea

Lunch/Dinnertime snack:(10:45-18:00) a tortilla from my uni shop (but it wasn’t such a healthy one I could tell), bel vita coco biscuits, a muffin, jogurt and water

Dinner/supper:(18:00) my healthiest meal of the day since I came back to my apartment. Chicken with a handful couscous, and a handful of baby spinach, i also added some taste with lemon and mint + some natural jogurt with lemon juice and also fresh mint leaves, water with lemon juice (below You can see my  meal)

Late afternoon snack: I’m going to study right now so in an hour or two I’ll probably feel the need to eat a little snack, I have some coconut jogurt in the fridge, I have dark chocolate and a bunch of fruit so I might make a smoothie these are my 3 options but I’m gonna eat one of them :)

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:) I started going to the gym again. Yesterday I did 1h cardio with my boyfriend and today 45 mins. I’m afraid that this week i’ll have only 1,5h of workout till friday because I’ve got too much do to for University but I’m still gonna do squats in my study breaks:) I’ll just have to be satisfied with eating healthy this week and wait for my cardio weekend. I’m also going to try to cut down my portion sizes- I eat pretty healty but i guess i eat a little too much since I’m not losing any weight.
I’ll try to write down what i ate each day this week:)

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